19. New Year Resolution

Here comes two thousand twelve

A moment to rejoice and delve

A time to think and choose your resolve

And be certain you would evolve

Take your resolution without fear

Do not lose the grip this year

Many resolutions come to a naught

even though you follow what you sought

Let this not be just another beginning

Fill it with purpose and meaning

To be sure make a resolution

But be real, not in illusion

A resolution should match your values

It should be clear to make you muse

It need not be big but should be deep

Sow it in your mind for benefits to reap

A resolution surely breaks

if you do not know what it takes

It happens if you aim too high

You are lost and in the end sigh

The basic idea, if you reflect

is not to be perfect

But to be better in some way

in this new year every day

© Venkat


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