18. The Chapter of Life

If life were a book

each day a chapter

Take a deep look

read what you were after

Reflect upon what you did

the chapters you lived

Be they happy or tragic

be they noble or sordid

What matters in the end

is the nature of day you spend

Life’s lessons cannot be bought

though you have what you sought

What lies in your hands

decides where your life stands

From what you choose within

you can lose or you can win

With no limit to what you are capable

you can change your chapter to a parable

With your whole heart and soul

you can find a way to control

Without growing the right seeds

you cannot avoid the ill weeds

Think of your day as a clay

redesign it in your own way

At any moment, only two ways you go

whether you ignore or you know

You either move up or slip down

Life’s chapter is like a verb and not a noun

© Venkat


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