17. Bengaluru Traffic

Cities in India now really show

the limits to the way they grow

An ever increasing need

makes Bengaluru city bleed

With people bursting at the seams

the city cannot cope it seems

It has buildings with great heights

surrounded yet by dreadful sights

What I speak about is the city traffic

making roads congested and sick

In this city of Bangalore

traffic jams are an eyesore

It is not unusual to see vehicles pile

Seems like an hour to cross a mile

The smoke, noise and heat were never seen

in the earlier years when I had been

The State is trying a makeover

controlling roads with a flyover

Building new routes for the Metro

for people to commute and go

Can this rescue from the situation?

remains the perennial question

I do not know where this would end

Only a miracle could save it or mend

© Venkat


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