15. Software Programmer

This is dedicated to the life and woes

that a typical programmer knows

His fingers work on the keyboard all day

to take home a big fat pay

Outsourcing created this trend

luring the engineer my friend

who could well be a researcher

lives now as a kilo line coder

Money, I agree is a need

but a disease when it becomes greed

The offshore setup may work for sure

making companies squeeze him for more

He works even on the weekend

not sure where this would end

Family, society and health are secondary

beating the stress is a quandary

The sad thing about it

is making his creative mind quit

He now makes less use of his head

and uses the fingers instead

I was myself doing programming

Might as well have taken up writing

Now, though I do not worry or regret

better follow your passion at the outset

With limited options to exercise

the programmer has paid a price

Left behind a world of fun

And “graduated” to the universe of zero and one

© Venkat


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