14. Conflict

It is a struggle old and long

The conflict of right and wrong

A staple of everyday fight

The reason for a ruinous night

The cause for which I do not find

It seems like the nature of human mind

I have seen myself trying hard to prove

To oppose the other does not improve

I am not sure what others feel

Whether we bend or kneel

or use force of a monster

we display a weak character

We create this cold distance

with strife and resistance

More often than not, what is not clear

becomes an imagination or fear

Something stops the dialogue

And rouses the inner rogue

A possible happy conversation

ends up in anger and consternation

I realize from the fights and hardships

on what ruined my relationships

My opinion and I were more important

than the topic of discussion in that instant

It maybe easier said than done

Harder than any fight you won

What bloats the negative in a situation

is putting your ability and yourself in question

Think deep and look under the hood

on what needs to be understood

The reason for the vengeful eye

is bringing into a dialogue the existence of “I”

© Venkat


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