13. The Unsocial Man

The pace of technology is fast

What you learn does not last

With so many gadgets to find

I must say I am behind

Every season there seems no limit

To the features as you see it

Be it a laptop, tablet or a smart phone

It grows on you and you stop feeling alone

I am no exception

To such a new found addiction

I sit glued to my computer

Knowing more about it than my sister

It is no doubt an age of information

That has gripped every nation

Man seems incapable of matching the speed

As resources are much more than the need

Gadgets have brought a new reality

Man almost lives in a virtual city

Separated from his own neighbor

Looking inward and losing his power

I wish this feeling wasn’t mine

Losing the social nature is not a good sign

Man is a handicap with technology’s fault

Like a supper without salt

So many things make life pleasant

We lose it by not being in the present

Do I know the trees on the road I live by?

Did I see the birds when they soared in the sky?

I hate my computer for this

God would perhaps never consider this as His

When will I rise and wake up

Forget gizmos and find a good hobby to take up

© Venkat


One Comment to “13. The Unsocial Man”

  1. Anoher treatice…………………………

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