12. Holiday in Coonoor

Tired of the daily grind

I searched for ways to unwind

Life gets rigid without change

Beyond two months it feels strange

Nothing is better in life

Than a happy son and wife

Before they have reason to complain

I tried to alleviate the pain

Keeping that in mind

A holiday was best for us to bind

It was tough to decide a place

Season time is always a race

Coorg was the first place we thought

But the plan later came to naught

Another hill station was what we sought

And decided Coonoor as the right spot

Off we went to Coonoor for the retreat

And were back with memories sweet

It was pleasant to forget the routine

And immerse in the hills and natural scene

Days were cold and short

And just perfect at the resort

The food great and people warm

A Taj resort does have its charm

Coonoor still has its pristine beauty

Not so far away from the town called Ooty

We were captivated by many sights

And longed for such fire-place lit nights

Hills, gardens and lakes abound

This retreat was a good thing we found

Colors filled into our hollow world

Gave a fresh life like a new flag unfurled

We could sense where we were poised

Back we came fresh and rejoiced

A trip one should not miss

At Coonoor you can feel bliss

We were back with such might

Everything seemed just right

What we all need is a holiday and rest

And experience the best in Taj as a guest!

© Venkat


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