10. The Dark Side

one day I was caught

in a trail of thought

a search for meaning

on a dusky evening

the reason for birth

and loneliness on earth

caught in this web of life

with suffering and strife

deep within I did dive

with an urge and drive

to question why

some living souls cry

why is their time still

who have lost the will

with people cruel at them

who neglect and condemn

I could not make a stand

nor could understand

why the world is dry

with an eye for an eye

what I did surmise

was for us to rise

and do our part

with a kind heart

they need an ear

to wash away the tear

they can make a mark

though a side be dark

what matters is not why

however hard you may try

to conclude in the end

seek a broken heart to mend

© Venkat


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