9. Love

from a primate to human

an astrologer to logician

man has evolved

with many problems solved

he has achieved glories

but does have sad stories

he may be very strong

has done but many wrong

people living without a dime

with no answer to man’s heinous crime

killing the innocent by name of duty

raising an appalling disparity

when you look deeper you will find

the nature of human mind

stagnant on one hand

but ever-changing, innovative and grand

life’s mysteries are strange

takes time for movement and change

man may not solve his dilemma or dare

but has the gift of tender loving care

love has no language or age

nor can be measured by any gauge

there is no obstacle it can’t solve

with love, man makes his world evolve

nature may have its way

like his thought it does sway

love is one thing so refined

to conquer the agony of human mind

© Venkat


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