8. Goal

life is a ship moving on a sea

without direction it cannot be

what the captain is to the journey

your thought is to life’s agony

longing to reach the land

with a strong purpose in hand

the captain takes control

unflinchingly towards the goal

what the land is to ship

your aim is to life’s trip

with no resolve in mind

you see no better than the blind

where life takes you in the end

depends on the course you intend

as you direct your thought

you either grow or you rot

nothing was ever achieved

without a goal you believed

man is capable of many wonders

if he gives up his blunders

whatever it may mean

if you are a gardener or a dean

more than your work or role

what you need in life is a goal

© Venkat


One Comment to “8. Goal”

  1. Too inspiring one, that couldn't control myself from giving this poem link to my students.

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