5. Missing in Mannheim

a  bright blue September sky

I walked on a narrow street side

watching  the trams pass by

like  oceanic waves and tide

at the busy city center

with shops, banks and a park

people tall and slender

moving fast, dressed in dark

like many places with wars

this city resurrected and came

built on industry without scars

not baroque anymore or lame

I thought quietly of this city

where the benz and cycle were invented

how people took courage and duty

to a new height beyond the wars and bloodshed

it seems so easy to make

the lost glory and the life

deep within, it is hard to take

when it cuts the heart like a knife

what remains in mind

is the atrocity and strife

in memory of mankind

like a family without a wife

grave was my mood

as I sat at a corner and felt much

glanced at a date calendar and stood

what was missing in Mannheim was her touch

© Venkat


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