1. Time

time has the power

to move the sadness of the hour

to a distant past

and bring a purpose to last

the lost struggle and game

makes you feel the same

but the wonder of time

gives birth to your prime

time is a healer

it works like a peeler

removing your skin

to reveal what lies within

the wound and pain

and the long lasting rain

cannot stand up to time

like a penny against dime

time begets order

when clumsiness crosses the border

with practice towards the perfect

gives no room for defect

old habits die hard

like a stick to the guard

but time breaks the ice

like darkness broken by sunrise

time is a bird like dove

to those who love

it is still

to those who hate and kill

if you underestimate the grace

behind the time you face

you are at a loss

like a glass without gloss

© Venkat


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