July 29, 2015

Who Am I?

Am I an ‘A’?
one eye high, towards the end
the other down, towards the now
and a third, to keep both even

Am I a ‘B’?
one side flat, in principled logic
the other curvy, in artistic stroke
and a third, to glue them into one Continue reading

July 28, 2015



These thoughts, but ropes
Ropes clung by hands
Hands of this wooden mind
Mind afloat, on paths engraved in eyes
Eyes, tethered thus by threads
Threads of swung feelings

These thoughts, but clay
Clay, lovelorn as starved souls
Souls clung on our motherly hands
Hands to touch, till they breathe
Breath ours, yet not in our clasp
Clasp could we, tethered by this freedom

image: rosiesnotred.deviantart.com

July 27, 2015



Souls, we touch never
Held tense in these isolated ponds
This world made, in mistaken beliefs
Of flat, perfect still waters, to flow into heaven

Souls, we touch ever
Waves, of pulsing vibrations
Wearing waters, of mountains, valleys
Sing a chorus, through the holes in our hearts
Moving ever, on the sands of heaven

image: http://www.isack-art.com

April 3, 2015

219. Life In Backspaces

Life, made from paper and pen
When nerves tingled, a century back
Before keyboards invented by men
Where thoughts ran as trains on track

A train missed, was a past so dead
In cheer, eyes took the next express
As a painter and his colors so wed
A tiny blot reared another, priceless Continue reading


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