November 8, 2014

217. Outsourced Love

where eagles let sparrows
adorn their sinewy feathers
swoop for worms in burrows
tied to same breath as brothers

where walls of monies divide
one world to feed the others
straddling with feet astride
outsourced legs of brothers Continue reading

November 3, 2014

216. Icebergs

icebergs floating in sea
truths deep underneath
as uneven edges disagree
in cold waters we breathe

strengths veiled from light
in unison wading across, same
eyes set upon peaks in sight
wisdom dead in dark, tame Continue reading

October 23, 2014

215. Strength

as strange as it seems
a thought true, it deems
meaning of our strength
from a peace in length

to sing the same song
be it against or along
as currents of a strong river
in a happy flow, no shiver Continue reading

October 21, 2014

214. Forefathers

lessons our rolling time gathers
on its untouched wheels of age
a walk back on steps of forefathers
moments etched in every page

decades of thoughts, neat on ink
love embedded in letters from far
hands of labour, from floor to sink
yet a space for others, ever left ajar Continue reading


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